Rose's Creamy Beans



Beans are a main staple of a plant-based diet. Eating beans on rice is a very common meal in our home and happens many days of the week. You would think they would be easy to cook, but many people are stumped on how to make them delicious. Here is a recipe that works every time. It requires a good crockpot however, so make that a priority purchase if you do not have one.

As you will note in the recipe following, the beans are easy to prepare, require few additional ingredients, and are absolutely delicious. We often serve them over rice, or serve them with toast.

The key is cooking them all night in a really hot crockpot. Without this lengthy cooking they won't be right. We have found that not all crockpots are created equal, some not cooking hot enough. If that is the case, you may need to find another one.

There is a recipe for a delicious, low-fat mayo on another page of this section. We enjoy putting a dollop of it on these beans.



3 C Dry Beans

1 TBS Salt (1 tsp of salt per cup of beans).



1. Soak the beans for six to eight hours (Rose prefers to soak them during the day, then cooking the beans overnight.).

2. Rinse the beans in a colander.

3. Put them in a crockpot.

4. Fill the crockpot with fresh water to 1/2 inch below rim.

5. Cook the beans overnight on high (some crockpots don't cook as hot, and may necessitate longer cooking).

6. Add 1 TBS of salt AFTER the beans have cooked (It is absolutely necessary to add salt AFTER the beans have been cooked).

7. Serve and enjoy.



"During a heightened period of Covid-19 pandemic, our family had the privilege of enjoying Rose’s delicious, scrumptious, creamy brown beans which were the best we have eaten.  Rose’s wonderful blend of garlic, lemon and olive oil created a flavorsome, immune building sauce, which I poured over Rose’s creamy beans, scrambled tofu and tabbouleh. We recommend you try Rose’s tasty and rich in nutrients recipes. These healthy and easy to prepare recipes will become your family’s favorite!"—DR 


Bean Variety Cooking Instructions

Dry Beans (Pinto Beans, Black Beans, Kidney Beans, etc.)

Cooking Time: Follow the regular recipe. 


Lentils & Split Peas

Cooking Time: Cook overnight on low.

Salt to taste


Water Ratio

For every quart that your crockpot holds, you can use one cup of beans.


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