Bonnie's Sprouted Wheat Bread

This bread had a delicious flavor, had a nice crust and a good texture. It is kneaded and baked in a bread-making machine. I have owned those machines before but never succeeded nearly as well as this recipe.


Bonnie Simon Demonstrating Sprouted Wheat Bread
Bonnie Simon Demonstrating Sprouted Wheat Bread



1/2 Cup unsalted sun flower seeds-ground

1 teaspoon salt

1/3 Cup olive oil

-2/3 Cup of honey

1 1/2 Cups warm water

1 1/2 Cups unbleached flour

1 1/2 Cups whole wheat flour

3/4 Cup sprouted wheat flour-Bio-Kinetics

1/4 Cup oatmeal

1/4 cup flax flour

3 Table spoon yeast-Saf

4 Table spoon gluten



Breadman Bread Baking Machine
Breadman Bread Baking Machine

I like the Breadman 1050/1060 mixer.  I use the dough cycle (#11) for about 10 minutes to knead the bread and then go to the fast bake (#4) cycle to bake it.


1. Add all the items in the order they are listed except for yeast and gluten.

2. Make a trench in the top of the flour, then add yeast and gluten.

3. Using the breadman 1050/1060 machine, use dough cycle #11 for about ten minutes to knead the bread.

4. Using the breadman Machine 1050/1060 next go to the fast bake cycle (#4) to bake it.

Bonnie mentioned she sometimes kneads the dough in the Breadman Machine, but then bakes it in the oven.


Watch Bonnie Demonstrate Making Sprouted Wheat Bread

Her presentation comes at the end of the presentation on Christ the Bread of Life and the Grain in the Furrow. Hopefully the link will start at that point, otherwise push it ahead to 41.55. 

Download Bonnie's Recipe

Download Bonnie's as an 8x11 pdf.

Watch Dan Augsburger's "Christ The Bread And The Grain In The Furrow" Presentation


Here is the last of three presentations where I looked at the Scriptures and prayer in the context of baking bread. This time I focused on John 6 and 12. I start around 4.26 if it is not cued up to the right spot. At the end of my talk there is a break, after which the bread baking demonstration begins.

Christ The Bread Of Life and The Grain In The Furrow Handout

Here is the "line-numbered" handout with the Bible verses and quotations shared in my presentation.

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