Peanut Butter Smoothies


This is one of my favorite deserts, post ice cream that I used to enjoy so much when I was a lacto-Ovo vegetarian. It is easy to make and provides a very satisfying desert at the end of the day.



Frozen Sections of Bananas

1-2 TBS of Healthy Peanut Butter

1-3 C of Soy Milk


The Recipe

Add frozen sections of bananas to your Vita Mixer, Blendtec or other mixer.

Add one or two TBS of healthy Peanut Butter.

Add several cups of Soy Milk.

Blend until smooth.

Serve Immediately.



VitaMix versus Blendtec. 

We own a Blendtec and like it okay, but if we were to buy again we would get a VitaMix. The Blendtec works fine, but I think the VitaMix with the tamper can do more things easily, to say nothing of having great power or more flexibility in using it.