Preparing Managers

Obstacles And Perplexities Teach Important Lessons

Ellen G. White


All who are connected with the work of God will have many important lessons to learn. Some who have thought themselves sufficient for everything will be found to be a very short pattern in some respects. Some workers who are depreciated by human wisdom are by God highly exalted. God will raise up men to do a certain work, and as they advance step by step, they will learn of the great I AM. As His work unfolds, they still move forward, under His leadership, performing that which He has placed in their hands. {Lt162-1903.13}

Another man, with supposed superior abilities, may come in and, looking upon the work of these men, may think that they should be replaced by wiser men. To his imagination, their work may look all tangled and spoiled, when the Lord is leading step by step. He would advocate that a change be made. He would try to make the workers see that they are making a great mistake in trying to carry on their work. But God sees not as man sees. The workers whom He is leading may at times be in great perplexity. It is His plan that many difficulties shall be met and mastered. He inspires the workers with the determination to make every apparent failure prove a success. They are determined to walk in the light that is shining on their pathway, and although they encounter many obstacles, yet they declare, “I will not fail nor be discouraged.” [See Isaiah 42:4.] {Lt162-1903.14}

Often men pray and weep because of the perplexities and obstacles that confront them. But it is God’s purpose for them to meet perplexities and obstacles, and if they will hold the beginning of their confidence steadfast unto the end, determined to carry forward the work of the Lord, He will make their way clear. Success will come to them as they perseveringly struggle against apparently insurmountable difficulties; and with success will come the greatest joy. {Lt162-1903.15}

God is preparing humble, contrite men to be valuable workers. He is giving them an experience that human wisdom cannot explain. He works upon minds by His own wisdom. Supposed mistakes are permitted to appear, that in unexpected ways, which human wisdom cannot comprehend, great glory may come to God. He is accomplishing His work in His own way. He consults His own purposes, not man’s theories. The power with which He works through any man is proportionate to the man’s earnestness and sincerity. In all that He does, He seeks the highest good of those who are laborers together with Him. {Lt162-1903.16}

Ellen G. White, in letter to Sands Lane, April 12, 1903.