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We have been adding images to our site. Finding appropriate images—images of godly people who are modest, don't wear jewelry, etc—is challenging if not almost impossible to find. Fortunately, photographers have been kind in allowing us to use some of their images and the result is a blessing. I would suggest, in fact, the images are a GREAT blessing, instructional, and inspiring for they reflect a reality that isn't always remembered. Sometimes there seems to be a lot of negative talk regarding the church, but the images convey a different story: united, multi-cultural and multi-generational, Spirit-filled men and women who are seeking after God together, who are joyfully sharing testimonies of how God is blessing and performing real miracles, and encouraging their fellow members to advance the Kingdom where they live. The church has millions of people who are trying to make a difference in their corner of the globe and the images speak to that. Unfortunately some Adventist members have never attended a Camp Meeting, Generation of Youth Conference or General Conference Session, and have therefore missed the wonderful blessings that come when God's people come together. God is alive and busily working through His people, and please don't believe otherwise. In fact, instead of joining in the negative talk, be part of the solution and speak of the good things God is doing.—Dan