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This morning as I was spending time with Jesus I came across the following thoughts on praying for the Holy Spirit. My heart was touched and I think we should all seek this blessing!

"The earnest, persevering prayer of the righteous avails much. It is our duty to ask God for the very facilities that we need to lift the standard of truth in all parts of the world. It is not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit, saith the Lord, that the light of the knowledge of the truth for this time shall shine forth as a lamp that burneth. Prayerless zeal will not enable us to make the right kind of headway. The sincere, humble prayer of the true worshiper ascends to heaven, and Jesus mingles with our lowly petitions the holy incense of his own merit. Through his righteousness we are accepted. Christ makes our prayers wholly efficacious through the savor of his righteousness. In these days of peril, we need men who will wrestle with God as did Jacob, and who, like Jacob, will prevail. Thank God that the world’s Redeemer promised that if he went away, he would send the Holy Spirit as his representative. Let us pray, and grasp the rich promises of God, and then praise God that in proportion to our earnest, humble supplications the Holy Spirit will be appointed to meet our needs. If we seek God with all our heart, we shall find him, and obtain the fulfillment of the promise. His grace will be given in large measure to those who will be active agents in imparting it to the world to convict the mind of truth, and to convert the soul to Christ. {SSW February 1, 1896, par. 1}

The Lord will not leave his afflicted, tried children to be the sport of Satan’s temptations. It is our privilege to trust in Jesus. The heavens are full of rich blessings, and it is our privilege to have the joy of Christ in us that our joy may be full. We have not because we ask not, or because we do not pray in faith, believing that we shall be blessed with the special influence of the Holy Spirit. To the true seeker through the mediation of Christ the gracious influences of the Holy Spirit are imparted in order that the receiver may impart a knowledge of saving truth. Why do we not believe the plain “Thus saith the Lord”? Do not cease to pray under any circumstances. The spirit may be willing but the flesh may be weak, but Jesus knows all about that." {SSW February 1, 1896, par. 2}