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Our primary support comes from Dan's retirement, odd jobs and some website development. The additional funds help us maintain our websites, produce our newsletter, pay ministry-related travel expenses when they are not reimbursed by those inviting (one trip costing $5,000 for the plane tickets was miraculously provided for), replacing computers (early in the ministry funds were given for a new computer) and other equipment, internet access, etc., and some ongoing living. Donations allow us to have the flexibility in our schedule to accept speaking and teaching appointments (one such assignment kept us going from church to church for 90 days in the countries off of South Africa, during which we preached on average one time per day), and have the time to devote ourselves to the serious research and resource development (we gathered more than 1,600 pages of quotations on the Godhead for that study and spent several years preparing the associated Bible studies) that provides the content for our seminars (at which we almost always provide a study guide), study guides and this 890+ page website (we upload resources and maintain the site by ourselves and respond to queries).

Donate Financially

You may make financial donations in a variety of ways: mail; Zelle and PayPal.

Please understand that we are not a 501(c)3 charity and therefore your gifts are not deductible for tax purposes. Contact us if you need a tax receipt for us to share suggestions. 

• Send A Check Through The Mail.

Path2Prayer Ministries

PO Box 244

Berrien Springs, MI 49103

• Donate Through PayPal!

You can easily support our ministry through a PayPal account if you have one.

• Donate Through Zelle.

With Zelle you give through your bank using our Zelle number. To do so your bank has to use Zelle and you must be enrolled. 

To use the QR code below, open your bank app, go to the Zelle section, and scan the QR code. 

Contact us if you need a number to use instead of scanning the QR code.

Scan the following QR C IN  YOUR BANKING APP to send a donation through Zelle.


Other Ways To Donate

Directed Giving

In the past individuals have been led to give funds for a vehicle, computers, help with printing booklets and sponsoring flying expenses. If you would like to do something specific and need suggestions, give us a call.

Time And Talents

• Graphic Design

We have occasionally graphic design needs that could be taken care of by other people.

• Videography and Video Editing

Some time back we taped more than 25 half hour sessions of a series titled, Pray To Get Answers. The videography was given as a gift. It still needs to be edited. There are other projects that could be done. Perhaps a qualified person might feel called to help in some way.



Pray for us.

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Invite us to give a seminar in your venue.

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