The Church The Light Of The World

O. A. Johnson

The Bible Study

Christ was the organizer and leader of the church of Israel in the wilderness. Acts 7:38, 39; Ex. 19:5-8; I Cor. 10:1-4.

It was God's design that Israel should be a kingdom of priests to teach the surrounding nations the worship of the true God. Ex. 19:6; Ps. 96:1-5, 10.

All nations were to be invited to worship the true 'God in his temple. I Kings 8:41-43; Isa. 56:6, 7.

These Gentile nations were required to observe the same rites, same laws and Sabbaths as Israel. Num. 15:15, 16,27-29; Isa. 56:1-7.

Christ is the head of the New Testament church, which he organized while here On earth. Col. 1:18; Matt. 16:18; Acts 2:41.

It is God's design that the members of his true church should live together in such love and union that the world would, by this example, be led to believe in Christ. John 15:12, 13; 17:11, 18-21.

The church of Christ should be a royal priesthood, ambassadors for Christ. I Peter 2:9; II Cor. 5:17-20.

To the Christian church is committed the preaching of the gospel to all nations in every age till the end of time. Matt. 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15, 16; Matt. 24:14.

God's wonderful mercy and love to save this fallen world is to be revealed through the church. Eph. 3:9-11; I Peter 2:9, 10.

Christ loves his church, has a special care for it. Eph. 1:22, 23; 5:25-27.

When the church has finally finished its work, Christ will at last present it before the Father without spot or blemish. Eph. 5:27; Rev. 14:1-5.

Review Questions

Who was the organizer and leader of the church in the Old Testament?

Why were they to be a kingdom of priests?

How were heathen nations to learn about the worship of the true God?

What were the Gentiles who wished to serve God required to do?

Who is the organizer and head of the New Testament church?

How were they to be an example?

What is the meaning of a “royal priest” and an "ambassador"?

What was especially committed to the church?

Through whom will God reveal his love and mercy to fallen man?

How has Christ manifested his love for the church?

What will Christ finally do with his church?

Taken from Bible Doctrines, Press of Walla Walla College, 1921