Women In Ministry Written Resources



On this page you will find articles on the subject of women in ministry.



The Laborer is Worthy of His Hire (EGW)

In this article, Ellen White strongly advocates for the equal value of women's work in ministry, and the need to compensation women equally for this work.


To Sisters Tempted By Discouragement

In this heartfelt letter, Ellen White writes a wonderfully encouraging and practical letter to sisters who were apparently discouraged. The letter was later published as an article in the Review and Herald.



Minnie Sype (Download the pdf)

Minnie Sype was a godly busybody (in the best sense of the word) continually finding ways to serve her Saviour, be it taking children to Sabbath School, passing out tracts, giving Bible studies, holding meetings and—eventually—raising up churches. She was intention and planned her life, her schedule and her priorities to include witnessing on a regular basis. Her husband, who was a farmer, was happy to let her do the speaking while he did the singing. This is a fascinating autobiography that is highly instructive on the various things that can make up a women's ministry. Minnie is highly valued by Rose and she loves to share about her with others. This would be a great book for all young women to read as they transition towards adult life.