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The Discipleheart Newsletters

We are pleased to offer two newsletters at this time to our visitors.

The Discipleheart Ministry Newsletter provides ongoing information practical spirituality—prayer, the victorious life, revival, overcoming temptation, the Will, partaking of the divine nature, etc, as well as notices of new additions and information related to our ministry—upcoming seminars, new study guides, etc. You can choose how often you wish to receive it—daily, weekly or once per month, and respond to specific updates.Through the newsletter I try to provide information on the information in the more than 890 pages on discipleheart. I think you will find it a blessing. 

Information on parenting, a major interest, is provided in this newsletter as well. 

You may communicate with us via the newsletter.

Contact Us. You can click on the link below to write us as well. You may write us because you want a specific resource or have another question.

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