Celebrating Christmas



How a person should celebrate Christmas is a matter of much discussion, or perhaps should be a matter of much discussion. Here you will find practical guidance on this important topic.

Quotes on Christmas

Here you will find helpful quotations on a variety of Christmas-related topics.

Articles And Sermons On Christmas

Ellen White's Christmas Sermon For Children

This important article in the Review and Herald of 1889 seeks to affirm remembering and celebrating the spiritual blessings of Christmas, even though it is not celebrated on the right day.

Christmas Is Coming

In this article, Ellen White makes a strong case that having a Christmas tree upon which to hang gifts in churches is perfectly alright.

The Christmas Holidays

In this article specific instruction is given regarding Christmas trees and suitable gifts.

Teach Your Children To Honor Christ At Christmas

In this excerpt a strong case is made for teaching children to honor Christ at Christmas through giving Him gifts.


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