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Written Resources On Taking Up Christ's Yoke

Ellen G. White

Christ's Yoke Is Easy

"Those who are restless, impatient, dissatisfied, under the weight of care and responsibility, are seeking to carry their burden without the aid of Jesus. If he were by their side, the sunshine of his presence would scatter every cloud, the help of his strong arm would lighten every burden. The church is becoming weak for the want of consecrated members, who feel that they are not their own; that their time, their talents, their energies belong to Christ; that he has bought them with his blood, and is pleading for them in the Sanctuary above."  {RH, November 29, 1887 par. 4}   

Cause of Perplexity

"God calls for an entire surrender. You can not receive the Holy Spirit until you break every yoke of bondage, everything that binds you to your objectionable traits of character. These are the great hindrances to your wearing Christ’s yoke and learning of him. The abiding rest—who has it? That rest is found when all self-justification, all reasoning from a selfish standpoint, is put away. Acquaintance with Christ makes you want to abide in him, and to have him abide in you. Entire self-surrender is required." {GH April 23, 1902, par. 9}

Blessed Are The Meek

"In the world the Christian will be slighted and dishonored, and will consent to be least of all and servant of all. He will submit to be injured, to be despitefully used and persecuted, but wearing the yoke of Christ he will find rest unto his soul, and the yoke will not be galling."