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God's Representative in Egypt




Joseph is one of my favorite characters in the Bible. Raised in a rural, but dysfunctional home, prepared through manifold afflictions, Joseph eventually played a key representative and saving role for the people of Egypt and the surrounding countries. As a result of God's preparation, he was prepared to do God's work, God's way in the secular environment of Pharaoh's Court.


Articles On Joseph

Joseph: God's Representative

This is a wonderful sermon on how God trained and used Joseph as he was trained in the school of adversity.


Signs of the Times Series

Part 1 Jacob and Joseph

"They had engaged in carnage and destruction until their feelings had become calloused. The indulgence of one known sin deadens the conscience so that it is more easily overcome with the next temptation. Thus step by step the course of sin and transgression is pursued until there is a harvest of crime through the indulgence of the first sin. These men regardless of the consequences, had passed on from stage, to stage hardening their hearts in the indulgence of sin until they had to all intents and purposes the spirit of Cain." (Read the rest of this first section of a continuing series on the life of Joseph.)

Part 2 Joseph In Egypt

"Joseph had placed his reputation and interests in the hands of God. And although he was suffered to be afflicted for a time, the Lord safely guarded that reputation that was blackened by a wicked accuser, and afterward, in his own good time, caused it to shine. God made even the prison the way to his elevation." (Read all of "Joseph in Egypt")

Part 3 Joseph in Egypt

"The king believed all that Joseph had said. He felt assured that God was with him, and was impressed with the fact that he was the most suitable man to be placed at the head of affairs. He did not despise him because he was a Hebrew slave, for he saw that he possessed an excellent spirit." (Read the rest of this insightful article on the life of Joseph.)


Devotional Series On Joseph Given In Honduras - Dan Augsburger

(Forthcoming; being edited)

I gave the following devotional series while I was teaching at the VIDA ministry in Honduras for two weeks. This is the first time I have given a full series on Joseph. I was greatly blessed and given many new insights in preparing. I believe those listening were also blessed. During the course of the series, I am translated by a variety of people into Spanish so you will hear it in both languages.—Dan


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4. Gen. 37:12-36 "Let Us Sell Him To The Ishmaelites"


5. Gen. 39:1-20 "He Made Him Overseer Of His House"


6. Gen. 39:21- "The Chief Butler Did Not Remember Joseph"


7. Gen. 41: "I Have Set You Over All The Land"


8. Gen. 42-45 "The Famine Was … Sore In All Countries"


9. Gen. 45:9-13 "Make Haste… I will Nourish You There"