Key Words On God's Will


Determining and doing God's will are key to a happy successful Christian life. Accordingly all followers of Christ eventually begin to seriously see understanding on this vital topic. The Bible offers verses and stories that provide information. The writings and sermons of Ellen White are also rich with insight. Other SDA authors have also written on the subject.

This page looks lists some of the words used by Ellen White when discussing God's will. After each word I list the number of uses. There are many duplicate uses with compilations, but it still gives some sense of Ellen White's use of the words.

Key Words

"God's will" (1,448), "Will of God" (4,520), "guidance" (2,874), "divine guidance" (258) "direction" (3,240), "direct us" (54), "guide us" (237).

Perfect conformity, perfect harmony, the will, His will, God’s will, divine will, your will, will to be given to God, binding will to the cross, identify with his will, identified, break or bend the will, sanctified will, swallowed up, surrendered will, surrender of your will, crucifixion of the will, guidance, plans, guiding, guided, molded, planning, human will, their wills, the will of christ, choose, your way, God’s way, enlisted on the side of right, enlisted on the side of God, side of the will of God, your own will, submit to control of God, control of God. submitting to control of God, subjection to the will of God, will of man, your own will, governing power, strength of the will, crushed, power of decision, power of choice, true force of the will, power of the will, in unison, yield your will, kingly power, received back, refine, purified, anchored in the will, controlled the will, expel demons, choose to serve, iron wills, sanctified human will,  plans, guiding, guided, planning, will of God, subjection to the will of God, Is this the way of the Lord?, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?”,  know the will of God, true theocracy, divine theocracy, Lord’s theocracy, finite will, unsanctified will, will like granite, controlled by his will, consent to be entirely subordinate to the will of God, kingly power, Wills must die, doing of His will, God’s will and God’s way, do the will, finite will, will of the Infinite, in captivity to Jesus Christ, binds willing souls, conformed His will to the will of His Father.