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Seventh-day Adventist Authors On Prayer And Fasting


On this page you will find helpful articles on fasting from other authors and speakers in our denomination.

A. G. Daniells

A Day Of Personal Fasting

"He set aside Sabbath, March 21, preceding the General Conference session as a day of special personal fasting and prayer. He felt he must know his duty. He went to one of the offices in the Pacific Press publishing house where he could spend the day in study, meditation, and prayer, longing for some omen that would give him courage to move into the session. Through the day and into the evening he remained there."


A. S. Hutchins

A Lesson From The Ninevites

In this short meditation Hutchins looks at the story of story coming to Nineveh from a broader perspective and helps us understand why their response of fasting and repenting on the basis of little light will bring condemnation to those who have ignored repeated warning messages and attending greater light.


E. H. Parsons

Prayer And Fasting

"Calamity is now facing the world. Dear reader, are you by prayer and fasting chastening your soul to be favoured of God, to escape all these things that are to come upon all the world? May God awaken us to chasten our souls, so that there will be nothing in us to hinder the working of the Spirit. Ps. 66: 18. Instead of lifeless, spiritless prayers, our petitions, accompanied by fasting, will become the highest exercise of the soul, and filled with power."


George B. Thompson

Call To A Church-Wide Day Of Fasting  

"In ages past, when God's Work, or His people individually, have come to a crisis, and have called upon the Lord with prayer and fasting, deliverance has come. God never retreats ; His word to Israel is ever, 'Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward.' Ex. 14: 15"