In Heaven Jesus Is Praying For Us!

Jesus Is Praying For Us

Ellen G. White

We need not any vision to make more sure the substantial truth of this representation. Jesus ever liveth to make intercession for us. No sooner does the child of God approach the mercy seat than he becomes the client of the great Advocate. At his first utterance of penitence and appeal for pardon, Christ espouses his case, makes it His own, and presents the supplication before His Father as His own request. {Lt231-1899.5}

Can any one doubt Christ’s love? The Saviour presents the virtue of His mediation before the Father, and pledges Himself to the office of personal Intercessor. By proclaiming Himself as our Intercessor, He desires us to know that He places in the golden censor His merits and efficiency, that He may offer them with the sincere prayers of His people. How essential, then, that we pray much, for as our prayers ascend to the throne of God, they are mingled with the fragrance of Christ’s righteousness. Our voice is not the only voice heard. Before it reaches the ear of God, it blends with the voice of Christ, whom the Father always hears. {Lt231-1899.6}

Christ assures us that He is pledged to intercede in our behalf. Thus He would encourage our faith and our belief in success. He said to His disciples, and the Word is for us, “If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. I am beloved by my Father, and for my sake He will refuse you nothing.” [See John 14:13, 14.] Let us not cease to pray. Let us believe the assurance of the Word of God. Let us receive the promise, and say, “I thank thee, my heavenly Father, that I receive the things I ask of thee.” {Lt231-1899.7}