Quotes On Godly Christian Children



On this page a variety of helpful quotes will be shared on raising godly Christian children. This will be an ongoing work in progress.


Quotes On Raising Godly Children

Not A Rough Word!

We cannot speak any way we please. Not a rough word should escape our lips toward our children unless we want them to receive an impression on their minds that does not help them at all religiously. But tell them their faults patiently, just as Christ does with us, and then seek to remove the objectionable features from their characters. That is the way to do it, and the parents at home can do everything, as it were, if they are abiding in Christ. {Ms 114, 1909, par. 15}

Encourage Your Children

"The prevalent evils in our homes are fault-finding and censure, placing the worst construction upon words and motives. This is discouraging to the children, frequently causing them to give up their efforts to do right. If words of commendation were spoken, when they could be justly, it would show them that their efforts were appreciated, and teach them justice. If mistakes and defects are continually pointed out, often impatiently, and sometimes in the white heat of anger; if no kindly notice is taken of any improvement or progress, the children become disheartened. They feel that they are treated mercilessly, that they are left to struggle along without appreciation or encouragement. Shall not this state of things be changed? It must if parents want their children to enjoy religion." {RH December 16, 1884, par. 15}