Recommended Books For Youth And Young Adults



I have been reading the books and biographies of famous Christians for the last forty years. During that time I have come across wonderful books that will be inspiring and instructive to Christian youth and young adults. From time to time I am asked what books I can recommend. I have accordingly put together a list of books that I believe will be a blessing to young adults to read. Not all of these come from Adventist Authors but I believe they are worthy of their time.


Recommended Books

Belle Brain - Love Stories of Great Missionaries

Brain's book on the love stories of great missionaries is bound to be of great interest to the young adults in your life. Recounting how God met and led them together, one gains great encouragement to seek God's best in this important area of life.

Crosse - Historical Tales for Young Protestants

This book is a compilation of stories of various Protestant reformers who stood tall for God under adverse circumstances.

August Francke - Faith's Work Perfected

August Francke, the little known, Pietist University Professor, Pastor and founder of the great orphanage and ministry based in Halle German, lived by faith, only asking God for what was needed to establish his ministry, and eventually provided the example and incentive that propelled George Müller to seek the same approach with his orphanage in Bristol England 150 years later. The book is wonderful in providing very honest look at how God led him to incrementally develop more and more facets of ministry to respond to the needs he observed around him.

George Müller - Answers to Prayer

George Müller was a pastor and the founder of the exceedingly well known orphanage in Bristol England. Founded to prove that God could support ministry on the basis of prayer alone, Müller only looked to God to provide the funds for taking care of close to 2,000 children in the five large buildings that were established. The answers to prayer were taken from the published journals of Müller that were called "Narratives."

J. Hudson Taylor - Retrospect

This is the story of the conversion, prepping, and eventual mission service of the founder of the mission that took the gospel to the interior of China. Giving detailed accounts of his conversion and overcoming various challenges he faced, this book is sure to please, instruct, inspire and initiate many conversations on how to serve God. This book could easily be read for family worship with great profit.