Key Words On The Holy Spirit

Some Suggestions

To fully appreciate the large amount of resources available on the Holy Spirit in the writings of Ellen White and gain the most blessings, you should search for quotations for yourself at or on your mobile app.

Finding quotations can be challenging, especially if English is not your native language, or if you haven't read her writings very much. The challenge comes in (1) being overwhelmed by thousands of quotations, or (2) finding only a very limited number based on the words you happen to think of on the Holy Spirit. Ellen White had an amazing vocabulary that far exceeds most people reading her writings today, further complicated by the fact that she used old English words that are minimally used in our day—words like endued, imbued, indite, anoint, etc, come to mind.

Accordingly, you will find further down on the page a partial list of words and phrases that I have found that can be used in various combinations to locate many quotations on the Holy Spirit. The list is only partial. As you study you will find more words and phrases. You will find it helpful to have a document where you collect phrases that she uses in discussing the Holy Spirit. 

To understand the challenge by way of example, let's look at the result of looking up the phrase, "Holy Spirit." You will get more than 15,000 hits—far too many to study! A single word she uses, Imbued—notice that I don't use any quote marks for single words—would return more than 1,400. You will get a more manageable list of 228 quotes if you pair the two phrases: "holy spirit" and imbued. Remember to use quotation marks for phrases. You may want to look through the entire list for imbue—all 1,400 of them—but prepared to do a lot of reading. It will help you to use the "paragraph view" on the desktop version at if you look them all up, since you can see the entire paragraph and more quickly determine if the entire quote should be read. 

A Partial List

The following words and phrases, set apart by commas, will bring you quotes on the Holy Spirit. Remember to pair up the phrases with the word "spirit" or "holy spirit." For example "deep movings" paired with Spirit will return 217 quotations. Happy hunting!

deep movings, tidal wave, tidal waves, baptism of the spirit, struck down, prostrated by the power of God, moulding influence, complete efficiency of the Holy Spirit, great Comforter, the Strength of heaven, imbue, precious influence of the Holy Spirit will come flowing into your hearts, indites, imbued, endued, constant illumination, a revolution is brought about, enlightens, renews, sanctifies, poured out, poured upon, they were imbued with the Spirit of Christ, infuses spiritual life into the soul, quickening its energies for good, cleansing it from moral defilement, and giving it a fitness for His kingdom, descent of the Holy Ghost, deep movings of the spirit, melting spirit, spirit of, divine attendant, unseen holy one, flashed right and left, infinite one, speaks of himself, comforter is to reveal himself, seeth him not, spirit of, dwells, receive him, accept the agencies of the holy spirit, indwelling, etc.


Here are more words:

Honored Guest, ministration of, grieve, Heavenly Messenger, Heavenly guest, great teacher, Messenger from heaven, His Presence, He came, He revealed, his representative, agency, inhabited by, filled with, promise of the holy spirit, promise to send, would act in his place, divine agency, Is the Spirit of Christ, personifies, indwelling spirit, Christ’s representative, successor,  makes effectual, breathe upon them the Holy Ghost, Spirit of God, Spirit of Christ, Living power, the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, agency of the holy spirit, vivifying influence, imparted, impartation, imbued, homage, agency holy spirit, imbue, endued, molding influence, temple of the holy ghost, dispensation of the holy Spirit, divine influence, mighty agency, living agency, three worthies of heaven, three holy dignitaries, divine agencies, [“holy spirit” AND agency-completed to quote 181… study further, it is truly wonderful]  [to animate and pervade the whole church] [source of all power] [LOOK AT co-operate AND holy spirit or holy ghost] [heavenly visitant] [divine agent] [unseen guest in the person of the Holy Spirit] [union with the holy spirit] [spirit of truth] [holy spirit of truth] [holy spirit of truth and righteousness] [electrifies the whole] [vivifying influence], [vivifying power], “it was not until Christ ascended to his Father, not until the descent of the Holy Spirit,” “impartation of the holy spirit” pre-eminence, and the holy spirit  [make category “holy spirit sent”] [another category “Christ cumbered with humanity” include quotes on forever retaining humanity] “comforter is called” [Another category “Holy Spirit is Christ’s successor] [spiritual manifestation *****] “insult the holy spirit,  poured forth the holy spirit, the impartation of the Holy Spirit, he sends, sent in the name of Christ, coming divine comforter, abiding presence, THE SAME HOLY SPIRIT THAT ABODE IN CHRIST, enlightener, teacher, his own spirit, Lord Jesus walking by our side AND holy spirit, [instrumentality AND spirit], [Holy spirit AND teacher or instructor] [indwelling Christ” “dwelling in our hearts by faith” “shall be in you” [he, “shall be in you] [eternal spirit] [ever living spirit] [divine comforter] “indwelling Christ” AND (“Holy spirit” OR “holy ghost” OR “the spirit”) “gone up to heaven” [threefold powers- searched] [heavenly powers searched] [heavenly dove searched] [“one given in Christ’s place”] [holy spirit AND “life of Christ in the soul”] [“call upon” AND HS or HG OR?} “indwelling of the Holy Spirit” “Divine spirit” “ministration of the Holy Spirit” “vital presence of god” “holy influence of His Spirit” [holy spirit, convict, sin] {holy spirit, conviction, sin] [endowment of the holy spirit] representative of Christ, “his representative, another comforter, the unseen, successor, [heavenly messenger]