Documents Of Ellen White On Christian Unity

In preparing for the seminar I read the Scriptures and many articles on Christian unity from Mrs. White's writings. Though I was aware of her views promoting unity in the church, I was surprised by how strong her views were on the subject and the many articles written on the subject. 

On this page you will find a list of more than 70 documents that reveal light on some aspect of the subject.

You can find these articles on the White Estate App by entering the information on the book in the search section. If you have trouble contact me. 

Christian Unity Writings

1SAT 194 White Unity The Great Fruit Of Conversion----.docx

1SM 257 White No Caste in Christ---.docx

1T 253 White The North and the South - Civil War Not Good --- CW.docx

3MR 10 White Counsel Regarding the Work in England - unity in diversity --.docx

4T 16 White Unity of the Church --.docx

4T 221 White Necessity of Harmony - Self-Exaltation removes God’s Blessing ----.docx

5T 217 White An Appeal & Christian Unity ---.docx

8T 239 White One with Christ in God - John 17 and Blending ---.docx

9T 184 White Unity in Christ Jesus (Having Separate Work For Various Nationalities Is Not God’s Plan) ---.docx

15MR 345 White European Missionary Council --.docx

17MR 341 White Evil of Gossiping About Fellow Church Members - Practical On Dealing With It.docx

19MR 67 White Unity in Home and Church.docx

19MR 142 White Pained Over Systematic Discord -.docx

21MR 48 White Thoughts On Unity --.docx

1883GC1 RH March 4, 1884 White Unity in Christ - Confession .docx

1883GC8 RH June 3, 1884 White Love Among Brethren -  Unity --- b.docx

1888 1087 White Love, the Need of the Church ----.docx

CCh 287 White Christians in All the World Become One in Christ ---.docx

CentralAdvance February 25, 1903 White Power for Service - unity in service.docx

GCB April 2, 1903 White Unity Of Effort --.docx

GCB April 25,1901 White Working in Foreign Fields - diversity, youth --.docx

HS 124 White Unity Among Laborers ---.docx

KC 108 White Faithful Stewardship - unity in stewardshp.docx

Lt 18a, 1891 Lt 18b, 1891 White - Unity - Wife is treasure ---.docx

Lt6b-1890 White Brethren and Sisters in Africa - Unity Humility Witnessing ----.docx

Lt8-1900 White Murphet, E. - Divine Theocracy -.docx

Lt11-1887 White Burke Letter of 1887 On Unity In The Church ---.docx

Lt19-1901 White Letter 19, 1901 to E. E. Franke - Lording over other people -- copy.docx

Lt25b-1892 White Smith, Uriah - Hardened Positions Bringing Disunity.docx

Lt26-1900 White Hyall, W. S. Work with colored people in S. Africa ---.docx

Lt29-1889 White Buckner, Brother and Sister Lt29-1889 - of what is unity ---.docx

Lt49-1904 White The Secret of Unity - Family --.docx

Lt54-1901 White Edson White Letter LT54-1901 Peacemaking

Lt58-1895 White Olsen, O. A. - No Risking Accusations - Unity in seeking direction ----.docx

Lt60-1907 White Southern Union Conference Committee - Unity of people of various skills to advance the work --.docx

Lt64-1894 White Olsen - Funds Rasied for Australia Diverted To Press ---.docx

Lt78-1894 White Starr, Brother and Sister - Unity developed on practical basis ---.docx

Lt90-1899 White Ballenger Lt90-1899 Colored Work in South colored key b ---- 

Lt94-1908 White Haskell Lt94-1908 - Unity thoughts --.docx

Lt95-1902 White Kilgore, R. M. - Tree Lessons Unity ---.docx

Lt112-1907 b White the directors of the Nashville etc - In diversity, unity is to be preserved .pdf

Lt117-1899 White Edson White Letter On Relationships ---.docx

Lt121-1898 White Haskell, Brother and Sister - Perfection Self —-.docx

Lt130-1898 White Cause of Perplexity Letter to S. N. Haskell 1898 ---.docx

Lt132-1910 White Cottrell, H. W. Unity Giving Up Ideas ---.docx

Lt161-1904 White Contention Butler 1904 Letter –

Lt183-1901 White Theocracy Letter —.docx

MR10 67 b White Unity in the Home and in the Church.docx.docx

Ms 1, 1903 White Making John 17 the Daily Lesson of Our Lives --.docx

Ms1-1873 White Dreams Illustrating Unity of Action - Individuals did not stay by their machines --.docx

Ms1-1899 White Unity, Courtesy, Love - Family and Church unity and witness to world --.docx

Ms7-1899 White Home Training But see 1NL 93 RH March 13, 1894--- Family Disunity.docx

Ms9-1906 White Unity in Christ ---

Ms16-1901 White Made Perfect in One.docx

Ms29-1906 White That They All May Be One - Example of Christ’s Intercession - Unity ---.docx

Ms32-1887 White Vision at Vohwinkel - Relationships ----.docx

Ms39-1896 White Make Straight Paths For Your Feet - unity --.docx

Ms47-1902 White Lessons From the Eighteenth of Matthew ---.docx

Ms60-1898 White How the Echo Office Should be Regarded - unity for what is right --.docx

Ms60-1903 White Unity in the Home and in the Church ---.docx

Ms66-1897 White Vine and the Branches Unity Nourishment --- hlt .docx

Ms73-1903 White The Color Line --.docx

Ms75-1895 White Results of Refusing the Invitation - Family Unity ---.docx

Ms94-1898 White Unity of the Spirit - Christ the Cornerstone ----.docx

Ms105-1900 White Unity in Diversity ---.docx

Ms111-1903.1 White That They May Be One; As We Are One --.docx

Ms119-1906 White Talk at Pacific Press Chapel Unity Partaker ---.docx

Ms133-1907 White One Is Your Master, Even Christ - Lording over others, pretending to know for others ---.docx

Ms135-1901 White Union and Organization ---.docx

Ms139-1909 White Fruit-Bearing Branches hlt ----.pdf

Ms143-1903 White Unity and the Science of Prayer ----.docx

Ms158-1907 White Unity In Council Meetings - having many in the decision process ---.docx

Ms165-1898 White Unity a Test of Discipleship ---.docx

Ms182-1905 White The Christian Life - Unity is God’s Purpose For Us ---.docx

PUR December 29, 1904 White To Every Man His Work --.docx

PUR July 3, 1902 White I Am Glorified in Them----.docx

PUR March 26, 1903 White Unity of Action Essential - Blessings of Unity  ---.docx

RH August 12, 1884 White Unity and Love --

RH December 22, 1891 White No Caste In Christ ---.docx

RH February 16, 1911 White The Seven Deacons

RH January 25, 1887 White Unity of the Church --

RH July 2, 1889 White Secret Of Unity ---.docx

RH July 4, 1899 hite God’s Design for His People - Unity --.docx

RH June 16, 1885 White Unity of the Church.docx

RH May 18, 1905 White The Unity of the Spirit (Confession).docx

RH May 29, 1888 White Be of One Mind - Make sure those sent out know truth --.docx

RH November 24 1904  A Preparation for the Coming of the Lord.pdf

RH October 24, 1893 White Brotherly Love Needed --.docx

SpM 362 White The Necessity of Harmony.pdf

ST February 7, 1900 — “That They All May Be One” wonderful on unity ---.pdf

ST June 19, 1901 White Christ’s Prayer For U.S. - Overcome Unity.docx

ST November 14, 1892 White Sacred Duties of Home Life - unity in home --- copy.docx

ST September 19, 1900 White The Need of Unity  --.docx

SW February 2, 1904 White One with Christ in God ----.docx

SW 51 White Spirit and Life for the Colored People.docx

SW 54 White “Am I My Brother’s Keeper”--.docx

SWk 9 White Our Duty to Colored People ---.docx

SWk 72 White Proper Methods of Work in the Southern Field ---.docx

T25 181 White Leadership - Christ is great leader.docx.


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