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Testimonies On Forgiveness


Many of the instructions that Jesus gave on forgiveness seem awfully hard to apply. And to the one obeying there does not seem to be any certainty that anything good can come out of it—at least that is what the carnal heart would say. However, I have been blessed to hear some wonderful testimonies on how extending forgiveness brought amazing miracles. The testimonies affirm that what God says is true, and that He will bless those who obey His instructions.—Dan


Catherine's Miracle-Bringing Act Of Forgiveness (MP3)

I met Catherine for the first time on one of my travels to the South Pacific, where I was speaking to a youth congress. Catherine came with her two children, and shared that she was the only Christian in her home, and how she wanted her children to see godly young people to look up to. Needless to say, we all agreed to pray for her. When she returned the next year, she came with her husband and three brothers—all of them having been baptized in the last year. A spiritual tsunami had gone through her family. Listen to her testimony by clicking on the link. It may be hard to listen to Catherine's story, and you may not know what to do as a result if you have experienced the same things. If it would help, write us!—Dan

Forgiveness Brings Physical Healing

I personally heard this wonderful story on physical healing that came as a result of extending forgiveness.