Ask The Lord To Forgive Me

I used to say to my children, as they were leaving home in the morning: “Now, children, you are going out for the day’s work. Remember that you are to guard your tongue. Speak not one word that will provoke a wrong act. If you fail, then when we meet at family worship during the evening hour, we shall talk the matter over and make it right with God. You see, children, kind words never cause you any pain and sorrow. Speak kindly, tenderly to one another, and see what a refreshing, what a blessing, comes to your own heart. But if you begin to contend one with another, then passions arise, and you have to strive with all your might to retain control over yourself. Be brave, be true.” – {1SAT 374.2}

And at eventide, when the children would gather together before going to bed, we would talk over the happenings of the day. Possibly during the day one of the children had said, “Mother, someone has done thus and so to me.” I had replied that when we all came together in the evening we could talk it over. When evening came, they had all had time for reflection, and they did not feel inclined to bring charges against one another. They would say, “Mother, I have done thus and so,” and the tears would start from their eyes, as they would add, “I feel as if I would like to have you ask the Lord to forgive me. I believe He will.” And then we would bow in prayer and confess the sins of the day, and pray for forgiveness. After confessing their wrongdoings, these little fellows would soon fall asleep. – {1SAT 375.1}

Mrs. E. G. White, taken from a sermon given in Oakland, CA in 1906.