I Have Had Perfect Success

Mrs. E. G. White

"I have taken children to bring up, clothed them and fed them and schooled them. I explained to them that I was willing to take them and would give them every advantage possible, that I would care for them, clothe them, teach them to obey all my orders and to love and serve the Lord, that they might have a home in the city of God. Then I have said, Bear in mind that the Lord Jesus will help you if you will act your part. It would be a great grief to me to give pain to your flesh at any time. But because of your stubborn will, we cannot allow you to grieve the Lord Jesus by your own works. And we cannot allow evil works to go uncorrected. I could not present them to the Lord Jesus Christ without weeping. After a season of prayer, they would cling to me with confession and weeping, and I had gained a decided victory. I have clothed and educated and schooled quite a number of children, although I was traveling. {Ms62-1911}

It means much to train up children that have not had proper discipline. But I have proved the matter; it can be done. I thank the Lord that I have had success, perfect success, in this line of work. I have nursed them in sickness and brought them to God in prayer and to health. I have said to them, The Lord understands that you are trying to overcome and to please the Saviour who gave His precious life for you, that you should be converted and be a blessing to your associates in school. {Ms62-1911}

Mrs. E. G. White, Manuscript 62, 1911