I Have Taken Children Into My Home

Mrs. E. G. White

… Let not passionate words escape from our lips, fathers and mothers. No; your children are to learn from you what you have learned from Christ, and if you get impatient and shake them and make them angry, and they cannot see the beauty of holiness in you. But father and mother can go away and offer prayer for their children that God may grant that they shall not perish with the wicked. {Ms71-1911.17}

I understand this business; I have taken children right into my home. I have prayed with those who had known nothing but the rod over them. I do not know that I ever had to strike them but once, and that was after repeatedly telling them what the right was. Most always they would submit, and throw their arms around my neck, and with tears confess their wrong. We must not let our children go. We must keep hold of them by living faith in a living God; and if we do this, let me tell you the future. The gates of the city of God will be thrown back upon their glittering hinges, and the nations that have kept the truth will enter in, and the crown of gold will be placed upon the brows of your children. The golden harp will be placed in their hands, and there will go forth music and rejoicing and triumph in the city of our God. But it must be as overcomers. {Ms71-1911.18}

Mrs. E. G. White, Manuscript, 71, 1911