Living In Times Of Judgment Questions Answered

Many people fear the future. They know that times of judgment are coming and that those times of judgment will not be easy to survive.  Those times will be exceedingly difficult and in some cases God's judgments are already being felt even if they are not acknowledged as such.

A knowledge of how God has take care of His people in the past can greatly encourage His followers in our day. Understanding what the Bible and Inspiration say regarding the future is also very helpful.

On this page I accordingly seek to share specific answers that are sometimes raised in regard to living in times of judgment. This will be an ongoing work.—Dan

Is It True That Destruction Will Be Coming To Cities?

Yes. The Bible teaches that destruction is coming, and so did Ellen White.

Did Ellen White Predict That New York City Would Be Destroyed By A Tidal Wave?

No, though some people claimed she did. Click on the link to read what she had to say in this regards.

Did Ellen White Urge Parents To Take Their Children Out Of The Cities?


Should The Cities Be Abandoned?

No! There were repeated calls to bring God's messages of mercy to the cities.

Should We Hoard Up Food For The Time Of Trouble?

No. Notice the story of Elijah and how God took care of him.

Should We Sell Our Homes?

Yes, if God says so. Keep asking God when He would have you sell your home and what He would have you do afterwards. The answer here is nuanced so you need to read all of it for yourself by clicking on the link.


Should we fight for our rights if we get into legal trouble over our unwavering obedience to God?

No! We are not to fight for our own rights. We are to fight for our right to serve God. Read a most helpful excerpt of a longer article in this regard.


Questions Regarding Resting On Sunday To Avoid Persecution

In the excerpt linked, Ellen White was discussing a situation in which laws were being passed that prohibited work on Sunday. The church was considering asking all members to stop working on Sunday, regardless of whether such laws had been passed in their region. Ellen White was opposed to this. Be sure to read what she had to say in this regard.