Church And Worship Services

On this page I will add information on what church services should be like. 


Short Sermons Followed By Testimonies

"The time of our Sabbath service should be a season of praise and thanksgiving to God, and it can be made a time of blessing to all who assemble. If short sermons were preached, and time given for all to bear testimony, the people would could away refreshed and blessed. No harm would be done if, in order to give time for all to speak, the meeting [were to] be continued for two or three hours; [then] the time spent in physical fasting would be a season of spiritual feasting to all who appropriated the blessings of the hour. Many would find relief as they acknowledged the goodness and mercy of God. Their witness to the mercy and love of God would help and bless other souls. These are thank offerings the Lord delights to receive. 22LtMs, Ms 176, 1907, par. 7

We are much nearer the end of earth’s history than many suppose. Said my Instructor, “The time has come when we need to devote much time to prayer and testimony meetings. After the discourse, time should be given for all who desire to speak. The Lord would have His people make the Sabbath a day of special seeking after Him.” Shall we not try this? Let this work be entered into in our large churches in such cities as Los Angeles. Let us hold meetings in which church members can have opportunity to give expression to the feelings of the soul. 22LtMs, Ms 176, 1907, par. 8"