Pastors And Their Families


Remarks at Oakland, California

An Excerpt

March 20, 1910

All ministers are to guard their own households. The great work begins with the individual self. A message is to be given to the world, and they [ministers] should exert a most wise and precious influence. Husbands and wives, remove from yourselves every phase of spirit that will create dissension. As your children come into the world, maintain love and carry out your work in the fear of God, instructing your children in true religious principles. Home religion is to be sacredly cherished. Fathers, husbands, respect your wives and children. Preserve the sacred principles of home religion. In order to do this, parents, the reformatory movement must begin with yourselves. Restrain yourselves from speaking one word that will not be helpful and that would not be expressed if you knew the Lord was in your home. {Ms74-1910.7}

The principles of the law of God are to be stamped upon the retentive minds of your children. Obedience to the law of God is to be the choicest lesson to be given to your children. Parents, carrying out their own convictions in firm obedience, will convince their children of their duty to obey the law of God. Teach your children that the Bible is the Guidebook to heaven, and educate them in the precious things God has expressed in the Scriptures. {Ms74-1910.8}

Parents are daily giving to their children an example either of obedience or disobedience to the law of God. By their own words and daily actions, they express either sacred obedience to a “Thus saith the Lord,” or a disobedience to it. In their future life the children will be what their parents have made them. Tradition or custom is not to be your rule. The Word of God is your Guidebook. Let every family manifest their religion by a sanctified spirit in words and actions, thus showing that they sense the sacred responsibilities that rest upon them. Religion in the home, a life which shows respect and love for each other, should be the sacred lesson of every family. Then it may be expected that the same spirit—love for truth and holiness—will extend to the children. Do not let the matter stop here, but in kindness speak words to your neighbors. The fruit of religious principles carried out in the home life means the saving grace of Christ in the home. {Ms74-1910.9}

All who work for the Master should have the Martha and the Mary attributes blended—a willingness to minister and a sincere love for the truth. The heavenly angels are round about you to aid you in every good effort. The Lord calls Christian women workers who are prudent, warm-hearted, tender, and true. These can do a great work for the Master in representing true principles. How much Christlike work women can do when they are truly converted. {Ms74-1910.10}

Novels should never be brought into the home, for a snare is laid in so doing. Let fathers and mothers work wisely in behalf of their children. {Ms74-1910.11}

We are ministers and people bearing the last message of warning to the world by our course of action. Time is short, much shorter than when many of us first believed. The great reformatory movement that must be made is so feeble that the world does not think that we believe all the solemn, sacred truths which we profess to believe, because our religious life does not express that we do. In our actions we are not to demerit in any sense the sacred claims of the law of God. We are now under test and trial for a short period of time. {Ms74-1910.12}

Parents, I am charged by the Spirit of God to say to you that you are under sacred obligations to take up your neglected duties at home. Many are in positions of responsibility, acting as parents who do not understand their own decided neglect to take in the situation. If Christ should come today, a record of unfulfilled duties would meet them. Fathers and mothers who have neglected your life-long religious responsibilities in the home life and in the association with relatives and friends, let your hearts be broken before God. {Ms74-1910.13}