Pastor's Character


Pastor's Spiritual Condition

In this earnest letter to Elder Olson written in 1892, pastors are asked to carefully consider their spiritual condition. The admonition written would be good for all of us! Here is a sample thought: "Many who are explaining the Scriptures to others have not conscientiously and entirely surrendered mind and heart and life to the control of the Holy Spirit. They love sin and cling to it." Read the excerpt to pastors.


"There are those who have so closely identified themselves with the truth that nothing, not even martyrdom and death, could sever them from it. Those who would evade the truth by silence, fearing to offend someone else, testify to a lie. Playing fast and loose with truth, and dissembling to suit the opinions of someone else, means the shipwreck of faith. Let us despise falsifying. Let us never, by a word or act, or by silence, testify to a lie. If all, under every circumstance, would speak the truth when the truth ought to be spoken, what a different world this would be." (Read the rest of the article on the pastor's integrity.)

Pastor's Industry

"From what God has shown me, there needs to be a scourging among the ministers, that the slothful, dilatory, and self-caring ones may be scourged out, and there remain a pure, faithful, and self-sacrificing company who will not study their ease, but will minister faithfully in word and doctrine, willing to suffer and endure all things for Christ’s sake, and to save those for whom He died. Let these servants feel the woe upon them if they preach not the gospel, and it will be enough; but all do not feel this." (Read all of this sobering article.)