Jumping From One Bed to the Other, Singing and Praising God!

In May I had an operation and I was not able to work. So I did not work till the middle of June. I resumed working for two weeks at that time. But in July my wrists were terribly sore due to carpel tunnel syndrome. So I had to stop work again. In the beginning of July I did not work at all. On the 14th of July I had another operation. After this I stayed at home through July (I obtained 700 pounds and August without work, but got a tiny bit of sick pay (397 pounds…but the house rent was 300). Also some sisters helped me. In August I did not get a full salary (I got half pay). In September I started working. But I had a problem with buying petrol. I was also using a bus, which took money. On Tuesday this past week I had to go for a study day—how to do various nursing things. While driving to the place where I was to study, I ran out of gas. So headed down the street with my gas pan. A colleague from work stopped and drove me to the gas station. So I bought one pound of gas. Then my friend found 2.5 pounds. So I walked back to the station. This time the car started. So I went to the training. I spent the day in training. Then I came home. I did not know what I was going to do since my next pay check would come at the end of the month. But Wednesday some envelopes came, one of which had a big check. Accompanying the check was a letter from an insurance company explaining that they were compensating me for an injury sustained in the past. It was for 1,887.20. When I got the letter I was jumping from one bed to the other I was so excited. I can imagine that my neighbors were wondering what was wrong with me. And at the top of my lungs I was praising God singing “Day is dying in the west.” I sang the song over and over. In my language it says that when the darkness is coming, then the rainbow comes, then you see the blessing. Then she sang “Holy Holy.” That was followed with, “The Lord is good; I know He is good….” I could not stop singing. I didn’t have anyone tell this good news. During this time I had a loan which I had been paying on. I was to pay 272 pounds every month. So because I did not work in May and June. It was hard to pay at the end of May. I had explained to the company that it would be hard, but the company refused to work with me. When they refused they took me to court. In June I got a court order and the payments were increased to 320. I also had to pay court fees. I took the bill to church and asked the prayer sisters and brothers to pray for me. An idea came from a pastor as he was praying for me. I thought of an idea. I went to the citizens’ bureau and sent my letters. About two weeks later the court responded. Now I am paying 25 pounds every month. I was worrying about this, but God has changed my tears to laughter.—Sarah