Two Bedrooms, a Loft and Space for a Garden

My brother and I had been living with an older man for about two years. I worked at a fabric store but would never be able to afford to move out, so I started praying about going back to school. Eventually God led me to take a six month residential care aid course. I moved in with my dad for the six months in a city two hours away. when I moved back at the beginning of July, another man had moved into the house.

A girl living with three bachelor men is no easy picnic so I started praying about another place to live. I've never really been a city girl so when I started praying, I had a few requests about the kind of place I wanted. I asked that He find me a place out side of town in the country, no apartment or basement suit but a house or even a small cabin, two bedrooms so I could have a room for all my sewing things, a place to have a garden and if the rent could be $500.

After about two months of looking and praying I still couldn't find anything. I started wondering if I was asking God for too low a price for Rent, and decided maybe $600 would be a little more reasonable.

After about another month I came across a place that didn't meet all of what I had asked for but was the closest I had found considering how much time had gone by. It was out of town, was an apartment but had two bedrooms, I would be able to put a garden box in the back and it was $600.

About a day or two latter I ran into a lady from church who was a Realtor. She was asking how I was doing living with three men, and I said I was feeling a lot like their personal maid and was thinking of moving out. She mentioned a few places that might be good to checkout, but they were all more then I could spend. She said she would keep an eye out for me though. But I was sure I would end up renting the little apartment if I didn't find anything else by the end of the month.

A few days latter a man from church phoned. He and his wife had a cleaning company and I had worked for them on and off as they needed for about seven years. He said he had heard I was looking for a place to rent and said that he had a little two bedroom cabin with a loft he that was wanting to rent, and asked what kind of price I was looking for. I told maximum $600. "That's just what we're renting it for, you should come out and take a look at it" he said. I went out the next day to find a cute little cabin, about two years old. It was out of town about 15-20 minutes, had two bedrooms and a loft, and a space in the back for a garden if I wanted to have one. I told him I was positive he could get way more then $600, but said He and his wife wanted someone they knew they could trust. I asked if he didn't mind me praying about it and getting back to him. The next evening He called again to say that he and his wife had been talking and they decided they would like to rent to me for $500 a month.

November 1st I moved in, four months after I had started praying. I lived there a little less than two years before getting married and starting a new adventure in Alberta.—Rebecca