Trusting God in Difficult Work Situation

I was working nights at a nursing home.  Working with me were four nurses who were smokers. I asked permission to sit in a different lounge because I could not support the smoke. But I was accused of being anti-social. So I asked that the door be opened to the lounge. But that didn’t help either, because they were chain smokers. So I asked the supervisor to let me go into a smaller lounge. That resulted in my being reported as anti-social, the supervisor stating it was unacceptable for me to be alone. But I could not take it.

Then the manager ordered the staff to stop smoking in the facility, and implemented a “non smoking” policy. As a result, the staff became very angry with me. Now they had to go outside if they wanted to smoke. So they say it was her fault that they had to go outside.

They began making my life harder. For example, they asked a resident who was heavy to ask me to lift her, but I could not, which resulted in the supervisor being called in. Once again the manager heard the explanation, and but surprisingly ordered the staff to stop lifting this woman.

Then one night, only two of the nurses came in to work—one of them had quit and was never been seen again. Then the second one quit. A month or two later, the senior nurse who had caused problems, also quit. So the home became free of those unkind people.—Sarah