God’s Saving Grace

Recently, our team was traveling back from holding a series of training seminars with pastors, church administrators and laymen. This took place outside of the United States. The Holy Spirit had richly blessed our time in that place and we had made plans to return. Now we were traveling to the airport and zipping along the highway at a good rate of speed.

Suddenly, we saw out the front of our large SUV, a small girl darting across the highway. The vehicle driver slammed on his brakes while trying to swerve, but it was one of those horrible situations in which no matter which way he swerved she managed to stay right in front of us.

The impact was surreal and sickening! It seemed like there were multiple “bumps” or “thuds” as the vehicle and little child’s body collided.

As the vehicle ground to a stop, the driver and church official jumped out and Pastor Ron and I who were in the back seat started praying. Presently the bloody body of the little girl was carried into our vehicle along with her frantic mother. (There was no time to wait for an ambulance). We sped off for the nearest medical center, which happened to be a rural government clinic about 10 minutes away.

Arriving at the clinic the girl was brought inside. The suspense was agonizing. The overwhelming question was why, why, had this tragedy been allowed to happen? Yet as our prayers had ascended before the Lord, there was nothing to do now but wait.

Then, less than one hour after arriving at the clinic and to our utter amazement, the little girl walked out. She was bandaged and undoubtedly would be very sore, but she was alive and walking. In addition, she was being referred to one of the large hospitals in a nearby city for follow up testing. Yet, how we praised God for this miracle and answered prayer!

Now the little girl’s mother was quite old for having such a young child, and her eyes were full of cataracts making it hard for her to see. This may have explained why the child was crossing the highway without being by her mother’s side. In addition, we learned the little girl’s father was dead. It appeared they had been on their way to church that Sunday morning for they had their Bible with them.

Now, this family was quite poor, even by the lower living standards of the country in which they lived. Thus, a poor Christian widow, with limited eye sight, trying to squeeze out a meager living for her young children.

I did not learn the girls name before leaving (it had been very difficult to communicate with the woman, for only the driver of the vehicle could understand her dialect), but decided to give her the name “Grace”, for it seemed to fit.

However, with such a dramatic turn of events, we simply could not walk away from little Grace and her family. Instead, we plan to help her family by raising funds to pay for her mother to have cataract surgery and for Grace and her siblings to receive the things they need (food and clothes) and to be given an opportunity to attend a Christian school.

Grace did go to the large hospital in the city and has since been released. We praise God, who is always able to take a bad situation and turn it around for good as we seek Him. Thus, we see, God’s Saving Grace.

If you are touched by this testimony and would like to share with the Lord in turning a bad situation into a good one, you can help Grace’s family by donating for their needs at: www.whitehorsemedia.com, then hit the Donate button. Afterwards select “Missions” in the drop down bar. Be sure to send message that your donation goes specifically for Grace and her family’s needs. The Author