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I have found highly instructive gems in regards to Christian unity.  I also share a sermon of mine.—Dan

Written Sermons

Mrs. E. G. White

Unity: The Fruit of Conversion

This wonderful sermon on unity was given at the Healdsburg, California, Camp Meeting, on Sabbath, Sept. 19th, 1891. Not only does it speak of unity, but also gives insights on "the will" that are truly wonderful. You can read more about the camp meeting in a report in Signs of the Times, October 12, 1891.

Unity Is Needed

This is an excerpt from a letter written to Uriah Smith in 1892 where the necessity of unity among Christ's followers is clearly and unforgettably spelled out. It also gives clear information on why there is disunity.

One With Christ In God

This is a truly wonderful sermon on unity. One of the best I've read! Read it and then help fulfill God's desire for a great blending among His people.

Love The Need Of The Church

The following quotation is taken from a highly instructive manuscript written in the context of the 1888 controversy.

"We cannot then take a position that the unity of the church consists in viewing every text of Scripture in the very same light. The church may pass resolution upon resolution to put down all disagreement of opinions, but we cannot force the mind and will, and thus root out disagreement. These resolutions may conceal the discord, but they cannot quench it and establish perfect agreement. Nothing can perfect unity in the church but the spirit of Christlike forbearance. Satan can sow discord; Christ alone can harmonize the disagreeing elements. Then let every soul sit down in Christ’s school and learn of Christ, who declares Himself to be meek and lowly of heart. Christ says that if we learn of Him, worries will cease and we shall find rest to our souls." 1888 1092.1

Diversity In Christian Unity

This is a wonderful excerpt from a diary entry on diversity—individuality—and unity in the Christian life.


Audio Sermon

Dan Augsburger

Jesus And The Prayer That Restored Unity

This was part of a longer prayer series on prayer. Be sure to download the handout to follow along. Line numbers on the left side of the page are referred to during the course of the presentation.

The "Unity Handout" is a two-sided booklet folded in half. If necessary you can print this booklet. Then put the pages back to back following the line numbers, and fold in half. Then you will have a booklet to read even though you don't have a two-sided printer. 

Unity Handout