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Some Christian Unity Questions Answered

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People sometimes wonder what it means to be in unity with others. Does it mean that everyone thinks the same and looks the same? To what degree should a believer hold to his opinions versus the opinions of a brother or sister? What about when there are strongly held convictions? What if there is a disagreement? What if there is a disagreement that has never been resolved? Should the church take the time to restore unity, or just hope the members will bring about the needed reconciliation between themselves? These and other questions will be addressed over time on this page. Be sure to click on the underlined link to read the full answer—Dan


What is the cause of disunity?

Separation from Christ. Read more on the subject by clicking on the link.

What brings unity

Prayer and study of the Scriptures, with a positive attitude towards others will greatly help bring unity.

What if my brother is completely at fault?

Don't wait for him to come to you, you go to him and do all you can to make things right. Read what was written about this situation.

Does unity mean uniformity? What about unity in diversity?

God looks for unity within the diversity that exists in the church. However, that unity comes as a result of the members of the body earnestly seeking to please Christ, who is the head of the body. Unity isn't about one part of the church body insisting that all the members do the same thing, any more than one part of the physical body insisting that the other parts of the physical body do the same thing. The diverse members and organs of our body work in perfect harmony in spite of their diversity. Why? How? If we understand nothing else about our physical bodies, we at least know that all the diverse healthy organs of our physical body perfectly harmonize with the other organs of the body while performing their assigned functions. This is the result of the organs all receiving direction from the brain and other control systems of the body. In the same way, the diverse members of our spiritual church body perfectly harmonize what they do with the other members of the church body while performing their assigned functions. This is the result of the members receiving direction from Jesus, the head of the church. Read more on the subject on the next page to get answers to this question.

What is True Unity?

"When the Holy Spirit moves upon human minds in this life, all petty complaints and accusing between man and his fellow man will be healed by the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness shining into the chamber of the mind and heart. There will be no distinction made between rich and poor, white or black, in their worship of God. All prejudice will be melted away. When we approve God, it will be in one brotherhood."

Will disunity weaken the church?

"There is nothing which will weaken the strength of a church like pride and passion. If one engaged in the work of God does things in contradiction to another engaged in the same work, that is strife and variance. If we do this to be esteemed or to exalt self, it is vainglory and death to spirituality and to Christian love and unity of action." Read more by clicking on the link. 

What is Christ's role in bringing about unity?

Christ in one person, recognizes Christ in the other person. Christ never fights against Christ.

What can be done on a practical basis to bring about unity where there is diversity?

Pray and talk together to see where the various skills and backgrounds can complement each other as given in the example.

Is unity possible between people of different nationalities?

Yes! Read what was written regarding a situation in Europe.

Should we ignore differences when we are planning in the church?

No. We are counseled to pray and come into unity instead of rushing ahead in spite of the differences.

Shouldn't some strife and division be expected this side of heaven?

Apparently not! Read more on the question.

How does God feel about members pulling apart into separate parties?

Negatively. He desire His children to come into perfect unity!